UK corruption

UK corruption: Tory MPs defrauding the public purse

Corrupt Tory Government UK
Tory corruption is eroding the democracy and long established British constitutional principles

UK corruption: Tory sleeze is off the scales, abuse of the public’s trust

The equivalent offence would be benefit fraud, complete when someone who is entitled to benefits from the public purse, for example, housing benefit, then goes on to rent out the property of which he is claiming the benefit.

Any member of the public caught cheating the public’s purse are jailed, so, we ask, what makes these MPs above the law when in fact the level of their offending is of much greater value?

“Loopholes” they say, but they law is not designed to work that way. Benefit fraud is committed when a person deliberately claims benefits they are not entitled to. They might do this by providing false information or by not reporting a change in circumstances.

Are they acting in the public interest or are they just feathering their own nests? The proof is in the pudding.

Corrupt Tory Party. Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP corruption.  James Cleverly MP and Robert Goodwill MP.  UK corruption.
Left: Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP Center: James Cleverly MP and right: Robert Goodwill MP

Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, the Cabinet Minister and International Trade Secretary who was only a week ago announcing publicly that “there was no wider problem with corruption in politics”  has claimed £106,000 in expenses for her own rental income since April 2016.

James Cleverly MP, the Minister for the Middle East and North Africa and MP for Braintree has claimed more than £71,000 since April 2016. Cleverly was billing public funds for £1,200 for the flat he lives in, while receiving rent from his property in London.

MPs claiming rental costs whilst renting out their own properties in London include Robert Goodwill, the former DEFRA Minister and MP for Scarborough and Whitby, Dr Liam Fox, the MP for North Somerset and former minister for trade, along with Damian Collins, John Whittingdale, Philip Davies, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Anne Marie Morris, Greg Knight and Laurence Robertson.

The revelations are announced as the former Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox QC MP has earned hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fees working in the British Virgin Islands during the coronavirus pandemic whilst advising the B.V.I Prime Minister in a corruption case brought by the British Foreign Office.

Geoffrey Cox QC MP - Former Attorney General for England and Wales. UK corruption
Geoffrey Cox QC MP, the former Attorney General

Cox was found to have claimed more than £1 million in legal fees whilst retaining his £82,000 salary as an MP. Where was he for his constituents?

Cox was quick to put out a defence statement, citing that “I had not broken any rules” and that he “had been clear about his work as a leading barrister”. Does that excuse the fact that he has been paid to to a job supporting his constituents that he has failed to support?

The news comes as Boris Johnson was last week trying to do away with the Parliamentary Standards system to save Owen Paterson MP over multiple breaches of lobbying rules just before he resigned.

The Tory kleptocracy are out of control, defeating democracy, bending the laws to suit their own sinister motives and providing impunity to their cronies. What is not being so widely reported is how they are cheating the rule of law and the UK justice system by interfering with the judiciary. In the next article reveals all.

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