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UK Corruption: Tory fabulists a kleptocracy and enemies of the people

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Heil Hitler: Johnson, (left) and right, Cummings shortly before he left office as Johnson’s chief aide at Number 10 – UK corruption

UK corruption – Twitter: #Torycorruption

The leaders are liars, it follows all they lead is going to nosedive southwards, they have no integrity, no respect for rules, laws or standards and now it’s finally emerging that Johnson and his cabal are, in addition, a disservice to the people. They bring our country into shame.

Earlier this week Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s former chief political advisor at Number 10 Downing Street spilled the beans, exposing what Johnson really thinks about Health Secretary, Matt Hancock.

Johnson refers to Hancock as being “totally fxxking hopeless”

In a series of texts of March last year stored by Cummings during his time as Johnson’s chief aide, Johnson referred to Hancock as being “totally fucking hopeless”, during the height of the pandemic.

When asked to comment about the WhatsApp messages, Downing Street declined, failing to reject the claims, and neither seeking to have challenged the legitimacy of the screenshots. Johnson’s spokesperson said “I don’t plan to get into the detail of what’s been published. “Our focus is on not examining those specific images, but delivering on the public’s priorities” . More evasion, a cover up, hardly acting according to the 7-principles of public life that all ministers and public officials are duty bound to adhere to.

Delivering on the people’s priorities” he said, where do they get this nonsense from? A justice system governed by a lying cheat, a politically controlled judiciary, a failed, institutionally corrupt police force that fail to solve nor protect the public from crime, members of Parliament that do nothing to assist their constituents in times of need, an NHS is on it’s knees with staff barely able to survive, regulators of the financial, legal and parliamentarians who wilfully fail to regulate and they say they deliver on people’s priorities. Whoever voted for them are as much to blame as the perpetrators themselves.

Johnson and his cronies only seek to profiteer from the crisis, whilst he kept his true opinion of Hancock concealed, retaining the “fucking hopeless” health secretary in office to manage what is the biggest health crisis in the UK’s history.

UK corruption, Jacob Rees-Mogg, uk kleptocracy, judicial corruption. UK corrupt
Jacob Rees-Mogg the over privileged plutocratic clown – President of Privy Council and leader of the House of Commons
Nazir Afzal, the former Chief Crown Prosecutor makes a valid point. Keeping Hancock in his role is entirely irresponsible.

Rees-Mogg comes to Johnson’s aid, branding the messages “the trivia, the flotsam and jetsam, the ephemera of life”

Rees-Mogg, leader of the House of Commons and President of Privy Council, another self-serving key member of Johnson’s kleptocracy was quick to come to Hancock’s aid, stating that the messages exposed were “essentially the trivia, the flotsam and jetsam, the ephemera of life, and they’re fundamentally unimportant” going on to describe Hancock as “the brilliant, the one and only successful genius who has been running health over the last 15 months” stating that Hancock “has done so much to make not only the country but the world safer”

The comments from Rees-Mogg come after last year, the investment firm, Somerset Capital Management, which is owned by Rees-Mogg, specialising in emerging market investments boasted about “Market dislocations of this magnitude happen rarely, perhaps once or twice in a generation, and have historically provided excellent entry points for investors”, citing to the firm’s investor base that “super normal returns can be made during this type of environment”.

Rees-Mogg directly profits from the Covid-19 crisis

Rees-Mogg, who founded the firm, retains a 15% stake and received over £1 million in dividends last year, directly profiting from the crisis.

The cover up by Rees-Mogg and fellow members of his cabal came less than 10-days after Hancock was found to have misled Parliament in relation to the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the Covid-19 crisis.

There was never a national shortage of PPE

Matt Hancock – Health Secretary United Kingdom

Hancock misleads MPs conducting an inquiry into the government’s handling of Covid-19

Early this month, Hancock lied to MPs conducting an inquiry into the government’s handling of Covid-19, stating there was no shortage of PPE, when he knew there was.

UK corruption, Matt Hancock, UK kleptocracy, uk corrupt
16th May 2021: UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock photographed outside BBC after appearing on The Andrew Marr Show.

Mark Roscrow, chairman of the Health Care Supply Association, representing most NHS procurement officials across the country said “there were significant shortages”.

Speaking of Hancock’s lies, Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow health secretary, said that:

“to claim there was no national PPE shortage beggars belief. We could all see with our own eyes the pictures of nurses resorting to bin bags and heard stories of doctors going to B&Q for their own visors and goggles. Clinicians said they felt like lambs to the slaughter”.

The Ministerial Code sets out the behaviour expected of all those who serve in government and determines that all ministers have an ‘overarching duty’ to comply with the law and to abide by the 7 principles of public life. That certainly hasn’t been happening with Johnson’s government, Johnson himself is a proven liar, only too willing to conceal wrongdoings.

Page 6, paragraph 1.2 of the Code states that “Ministers should be professional in all their dealings and treat all those with whom they come into contact with consideration and respect”. Johnson calling his colleague “totally fucking useless” before another colleague clearly does breach that caveat. If it’s true, it proves Johnson cares not a toss for the people, if it’s false it’s slanderous and he has breached the code.

Paragraph 1.3(c) stated that “It is of paramount importance that Ministers give accurate and truthful information to Parliament, correcting any inadvertent error at the earliest opportunity. Ministers who knowingly mislead Parliament will be expected to offer their resignation to the Prime Minister”

Mr Ashworth went on to state that;

These emails reveal the reality and suggest the Health Secretary was disingenuous and not straight with the committee. Alongside failing to protect care homes, PPE shortages were a devastating failing in the Government’s handling of the crisis.”

Mr Ashworth, the shadow health secretary speaking of the emails presented to the Committee of MPs investigating the crisis proving Hancock lied

It’s not the first time Hancock has been found to have breached the Ministerial Code. In May this year Hancock was found to have breached by failing to declare a stake in a family company that won an NHS contract. Once again, that was “smoothed over” by the regulator that fails to regulate.

Lord Christopher Geidt, the advisor on Ministerial Standards covers up

Lord Christopher Geidt, the new advisor on ministerial standards described Hancock’s disclosure failings as “a technical oversight by the health secretary” and a “minor breach”, in other words, Geidt condones breaking the rules, as long as it’s only in a minor way.

In essence, what Geidt staying, is that it’s ok to break the law, as long as it’s only breaking the law in a minor way. One must scrutinise the conduct of the regulators, these people are full of nonsense. There is either a breach, or not a breach, a broken law, or not a broken law. What use is a regulator that fails to regulate?

The breach came about as a result of Hancock’s register of interests, with he, his sister and brother-in law running Topwood Ltd, who was awarded an NHS contract in 2019, when the health secretary has a 20% stake in the firm. Hancock failed to declare his interest until prompted to do so and not until April 2021.

Geidt covered for Hancock, stating he acted “with integrity” and that the findings “in no way impugn his good character or ministerial record”. Another case of impunity provided to the kleptocracy, they are above the law, however, this time, it is proven Hancock has been dishonest and misled Parliament. Will it be another cover up by the Parliamentary Standards regulator who fails to uphold the standards? More than likely.

Buckland, who is sworn into office to respect the rule of law, said it’s ok for the government to break the law

Likewise, in our earlier article, we exposed how Robert Buckland QC, the lying cheat responsible for the justice system who swore under oath to “respect the rule of law and to defend the independence of the judiciary”, publicly admitted to stating;

“There are plenty of times when the government acts unlawfully, but “getting something wrong is not the same as deliberately flouting the law”. Buckland went on to state “what mattered, was that the government did not break the same law twice“

Robert Buckland QC MP – Lord Chancellor / Justice Secretary – February 2021
UK corruption, Robert Buckland MP corrupt, UK corrupt, Parliament, corruption
Smarmy: Justice Secretary Robert Buckland outside Downing Street in London, November 5, 2019. REUTERS/Yara Nardi

The statement shows the brazen audacity and hypocrisy of the establishment. Knowing that self determination it the fabric of our democratic society, condoning that it’s ok for the government to act unlawfully, as long as they don’t break the same law twice is hardly respecting the rule of law.

ignorantia legis neminem excusat

Latin for “ignorance of law excuses no one” is the doctrine that applies

It’s not ok for anyone to break the law, not once, not ever. Condoning doing so in the way Buckland has, defeats the rule of law itself, but again, the regulators don’t regulate. The oaths, put in place over hundreds of years to protect the people from tyranny and to ensure those in governance behave in a constitutionally proper way, is ridden roughshod over.

It’s not a first time for Buckland to be accused of misleading the public and Parliament. In February last year Buckland misled MPs over crown court cuts, knowingly lying to Parliament, but again, the regulator fails to regulate, retaining these liars and cheats so they can continue lying, cheating and concealing wrongdoings.

Buckland, now head of the UK’s failed justice system was brought in as Solicitor General by the Tory kleptocracy who had full knowledge he had been found guilty of misconduct by the Bar Standards Board for professional misconduct.

Johnson’s kleptocracy has a long record of concealment and misleading the public, but what’s not been quite so widely exposed is how his Justice Secretary, Robert Buckland QC MP and other ministers have been coercing the judiciary to provide impunity to fellow members and how the UK’s judiciary are totally corrupt.

In December last year, even the Lord Chief Justice, Burnett of Maldon commented that he has seen “unprecedented levels of political interference with courts”, citing that “There has been nothing quite like it in my experience”.

The comments clearly denote that Buckland has failed altogether to maintain the independence of the judiciary, as well as misleading Parliament and disrespecting the rule of law.

They all remain in office, for the Prime Minister is also a liar and cheat, all peas of the same pod, whilst the regulators they control, fail altogether to regulate in the public interest. The kleptocracy has taken the “Great” out of Britain.

First for News has launched an investigation into political and judicial corruption in the UK, we will be reporting on our findings in the coming weeks.

Our team of international journalists working relentlessly to bring you the latest compelling, factually accurate news as it happens, as it should be told, not how the governments want it to be told.

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