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Conservative liars and cheats provide impunity to one another

UK corruption, Tory corruption, lies and cheating.  Boris Johnson lies, Matt Hancock resigns
UK corruption: Tory corruption cabal of liars and cheats

The UK’s Conservative Party are unconstitutional, out of control lunatics who actively lie, cheat and collude to ensure secrecy and concealment to protect fellow corruptors and their organisational structure from exposure. UK corruption

Last week it was exposed that Hancock, the Health Minister had been having an affair, with the scandal coming to light after The Sun exposed video footage of the pair snogging in office. UK corruption.

The UK Prime Minister, Johnson, was only too keen to run to Hancock’s aid, with a Downing Street spokesperson announcing last week that the Prime Minister has “full confidence” , stating that “the prime minister has accepted the health secretary’s apology and considers the matter closed”. uk corruption.

Johnson himself has an impressive track record for being a compulsive liar, yet when accused of lying in Parliament by the opposition, the Speaker, himself a Conservative MP, quickly came to Johnson’s aid, stating “MPs were not allowed to accuse each other of lying, even if this was what appeared to be going on”.

In April this year, the Guardian reported on how the BBC and other media were slowly losing their reluctance to openly call out the Prime Minister’s deceit.

It was less than 2-weeks ago we reported on Johnson branding Hancock as “totally fxxking hopeless” during the height of the Covid-19 outbreak in March last year.

Hardly expressing “full confidence”, so, we ask, what has Hancock done to deserve the credit in recent months. We take a look. Tory corruption.

This month kicked off with Hancock lying to MPs conducting an inquiry into the government’s handling of Covid-19, stating there was no shortage of PPE, when he knew there was.

In May this year, just a month prior, Hancock was found to have breached the Ministerial Code, failing to declare his own stake in a family company that won an NHS contract. That was all swept under the carpet by Geidt, the new advisor on ministerial standards.

Geidt said Hancock’s disclosure failings were “a technical oversight by the health secretary” and a “minor breach”, implying it’s ok to break the law / rules, as long as it’s only a little bit. Total nonsense from a same side regulator who fails to regulate.

On similar terms, Buckland, the Justice Secretary, sworn into office as Lord Chancellor to “respect the rule of law” and to defend the independence of the judiciary, says “it’s ok for the government to break the law and “what mattered, was that the government did not break the same law twice

Angela Rayner, Labour’s deputy said in a letter to the Prime Minister that Mr Hancock “failed to declare that he was engaged in a relationship with someone who he personally appointed at taxpayers’ expense to serve as an adviser”

Such a failure would appear to be a further breach of the ministerial code, which in these circumstances should surely result in his removal from office”

It was after reading that letter, Johnson stated he has “full confidence” in Hancock, knowing he has misled Parliament and has breached the Ministerial Code multiple times over. A cabal of rule breakers who all stick together to look after their own.

These are the clowns running the circus, a cesspool of economic crime and corruption where fraud is normalised, police never investigate crime and courts conceal wrongdoings.

Tory party affiliates, corrupt lawyers, or Tory donors, are provided impunity, whilst everyone else is punished. Welcome to the dictatorship of 2021 Britain, the “Great” is long gone.

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