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Tory sex abuse cover ups and the unregulated

Tory sex abuse cover ups
Top left: Convicted sex abuser, Charlie Elphicke MP, top centre: Natalie Elphicke MP, top right; Theresa Villiers MP
Bottom left: Adam Holloway MP, bottom centre: Bob Stewart MP and bottom right: Roger Gale MP

Tory sex abuse, pedophilia, fraud cover ups and cronyism runs rife, historically, but under Johnson’s rule, things have got a whole lot worse.

Five Conservative MPs were found to have interfered with legal proceedings by “lobbying” with the presiding over the Charlie Elphicke sex abuse prosecution. Adam Holloway, Bob Stewart, Roger Gale, Theresa Villiers and Natalie Elphicke, Charlie’s wife who took over his Dover and Deal post as MP, were all “investigated” by the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner. Tory sex abuse cover ups.

Elphicke read law at the University of Nottingham before working as a solicitor. He was first elected as Conservative MP for Dover at the 2010 general election and served as a government whip and Lord Commissioner of the Treasury from 2015 to 2016.

Elphicke was suspended in November 2017 after he was accused of sexual offences against two members of his staff. He was then reinstated as Conservative whip prior to a December 2018 confidence vote in Theresa May.

In July 2019, the whip was withdrawn again after he was charged by the Crown Prosecution Service with three counts of sexual assault against two women. In July 2020, he was found guilty of all three counts and subsequently sentenced to two years’ imprisonment.

In November 2020 before the sentencing hearing, the 5 MPs wrote to Dame Kathryn Thirlwall DBE, the senior presiding judge, and Dame Victoria Sharp, president of the Queen’s Bench Division, copying the same email to Mrs Justice Whipple, the Judge presiding over the Elphicke criminal trial “expressing concern” over the trial, stating that disclosure “could have the chilling effect and harm the criminal justice system”. It was clear that all 5 were abusing their positions to unduly influence the sentencing outcome.

They call it “lobbying with a judge”, otherwise known as criminal contempt of court

The case marks another classic example of impunity provided to the Tory kleptocracy. After have been found to have attempted to influence a judge presiding over the trial of Charlie Elphicke for sexual assault, the Tory regulator who fails to regulate, Kathryn Stone, the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, handed down a feeble one-day ban from Parliament to Gale, Villiers and Natalie Elphicke, Charlie’s former wife, whilst Holloway and Stewart were told to apologise. Anyone else would have been jailed for either criminal contempt of court or perverting the course of justice.

It’s another case of one law for them, and a completely different, penal rule for everyone else.

Section 1 of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 is the strict liability rule, which “means the rule of law whereby conduct may be treated as a contempt of court as tending to interfere with the course of justice in particular legal proceedings regardless of intent to do so”.

Why are they allowed to break the law and go unpunished? – Tory sex abuse cover ups

All 5 of those MPs made a publication, which is available to the public, and which was designed to impede or interfere with the course of justice. The fact is, they should have been tried and sentenced for contempt of court. Instead, whilst they were found to have breached the Parliamentary Code of Conduct, they were suspended just for one-day.

Surely the conduct in itself is enough to cause public outrage? No, it was not, because the corrupt mainstream media undersold the issue.

In a report published by the Standards Commissioner on 21st July 2021 it was said that “the letters had been disregarded but the MPs had still sought to influence the outcome of the hearing and “risked giving the impression that elected politicians can bring influence to bear on the judiciary, out of public view and in a way not open to others”

Clearly the letter was not disregarded, it received a response from the Lord Chief Justice the following day, on 22nd November 2020 stating that the intervention with proceedings was “improper” and that their actions disregarded the “separation of powers” between politicians and the judiciary.

The letter was read by the Judges, if it was disregarded, it would not have been referred to the Lord Chief Justice, there was third party intervention with the administration of justice, but again, the Standards Commissioner, another of the UK’s regulators who fails to regulate and enforce the standards, sought to cover up.

Kathryn Stone, the parliamentary commissioner for standards, added that the conduct amounted to “actions causing significant damage to the reputation of the house as a whole, or of its members generally”.

Villiers, a neighbour of Elphicke, pleaded that she was “very sorry” saying that the letter “was not appropriately drafted and it was wrong of us to send it”.

Was the punishment proportionate? Absolutely not at all, they should have been jailed for contempt of court as permanently suspended. Another case of impunity being provided to the Tory kleptocracy.

The fact of the matter is that such interventions in judicial process by Tory politicians is only the tip of the iceberg. In December last year the Lord Chief Justice was forced to admit that there is “unprecedented levels of political interference with courts”, indicating clearly that the courts and judiciary are not independent at all.

Tory paedophile enquiry cover ups Tory sex abuse cover ups

It is not the first time Villiers has been involved in sex abuse cover ups, in fact the majority of the Tory establishment are well versed, it is what they do.

Whilst acting as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland from 2012 until 2016, Villiers sought to cover up the full extent of the UK-wide inquiry into child sex abuse, saying that the “Kincora Boys Home will not be included in UK child abuse inquiry”.

The First Minister for Northern Ireland, Peter Robinson said the Kincora Boys Home allegations were a “national scandal”, yet Villiers sought to curb investigation from the Home Office.

The Kincora Boys’ Home was a boys’ home in Belfast, being the scene of serious organised child sexual abuse, causing a scandal and attempted cover-up in 1980, with allegations of state collusion. The Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIA) began examining allegations relating to the Home on 31 May 2016, including claims that there was a paedophile ring at the home with links to the intelligence services.

It was then alleged after an investigation by Private Eye magazine that high-ranking members of the Whitehall Civil Service and senior officers of the British military were involved in the sexual abuse of boys in Kincora.

The Irish tabloid, An Phoblacht, Sinn Féin’s newspaper, published an article that rings very true today, as it did in 2012 when it was published titled “Cover-up and lies at heart of the British Establishment, that it what the Tory establishment does best.

A vile system operated by paedophile and fraud sympathisers

The fact is that the UK is governed by a vile system operated by paedophile and fraud sympathisers in power who all collude, conceal to provide impunity to one another. This case is just another fine example.

In our our follow up article, we detail how the corrupt political establishment, the Law Ministers themselves, have breached their duty under section 3 of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, by coercing the judiciary to provide impunity to Steve Gibson of Middlesbrough Football Club, a fellow Teesside Tory politician, in a massive fraud case.

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  1. All cover up for each other. It’s been happening for years. The Crown should be abolished. A crew of elitist sex abusers and menaces to society all looking out for their own.

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