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“No one is above the law” yet justice is subject to status

No one is above the law, freemasonry in the UK, freemasonry and corruption
Who are the criminals? (left to right) Home Secretary Priti Patel, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Commissioner of the City of London Police Ian Dyson attend the London Bridge crime scene in central London after a terrorist wearing a fake suicide vest who went on a knife rampage killing two people, was shot dead by police. reports on how the UK political establishment and their cronies make themselves, and their affiliates, above the law. Our investigation reveals shocking collusion driven by freemasonry and pathologically corrupt and dishonest heads of State, police and judges who are also freemasons.

“No-one, not even the king, is above the law”, a doctrine that dates back to the Magna Carta, a fundamental part of the English Constitution, the problem is, that it no longer rings true, not under this Tory leadership and their cronies.

From the top down, the entire establishment collude to ensure justice is not served on Tory party members and their donors and affiliates. The system is rigged, starting with the Law Ministers, right the way through the courts, judges, police and regulatory authorities they control.

A cesspool of systemic corruption

The UK suffers from endemic corruption, driven by the order givers, who control their distributed network of fellow corruptors who are generally pathologically dishonest, each fulfilling different roles in political and ministerial posts and throughout all public and regulatory authorities, including the police and courts, following common purpose practices and general rules of secrecy.

Lawyers and politicians are the advocates, the “conductors” of corruption. They collude, intermingle and collaborate with fellow brethren across the public authorities, ensuring secrecy and that members of the collective organisational structure are provided with impunity.

The UK’s ministers, the majority of judges, police and the regulatory officials are unconstitutional liars and cheats who favour active cover ups, following their orders to do so over truth, law and justice. They are merely the “puppets to the puppet masters” ensuring that orders of concealment or impunity are fulfilled.

The conduct is endemic throughout the police forces, the Directorate of Legal Services, the Attorney General’s Office, the courts and all the regulatory authorities.

All of England’s Law Ministers have broken the law, they are sworn into office and have a duty to “maintain the independence of the courts and judiciary”, but that legal duty is incompatible with their culture of impunity driven by freemasons at the highest echelons of government.

Abidance and compliance by the rules are rewarded and non-compliance, such as whistle blowing or acting lawfully is penalised. The culture of systemic corruption is complex and involves shared expectations, internalised management, codes of conduct, strategy and procedures to protect the collective organisational structure and its activities from exposure.

The memorandum of understanding between police and the Law Society

The Law Society is one of the most masonic institutions in the world, a society designed to assist all members of the legal fraternity. Lawyers are all actively encouraged to become freemasons.

The entire system is rigged to ensure that members of the cabal are provided impunity, the judges, who are, for the most part the “executioners” are completely unregulated and unaccountable, as are all lawyers.

In July 2001, the Police Chiefs and the Law Society signed a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure that any complaints of crime against lawyers was referred back to the Law Society, who would obviously dispose of the complaint, to ensure fellow brethren were provided impunity.

This concealment by the Law Society and its purported regulator that fails to regulate, the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority (“SRA”) is only too clear to anyone that has ever reported wrongdoing to either the police, or the SRA themselves. For those people, most are left wondering whether in fact, SRA properly constitutes, “Satantic Ritual Abuse” for complainants are just tortured, left hanging for months and months, only to then be told that the SRA finds no wrongdoing. They are following the idealisms of the collective organisational structure, lawyers and judges are indeed “above the law”.

The statistics speak volumes

We looked the the Trust Pilot online reviews provided by people who had the misfortune of encountering the SRA. Of the 198 reviews, 99% of them are bad. The contents of the reviews themselves sets the scene, with one of the most recent summarising the contents of the rest, generally.

Useless pile of dog droppings, that really is also a massive waste of taxpayers funds. its the usual all round with all services in the UK.


The entire legal profession in the UK was founded upon freemasonry – The culture is embedded

In the middle of the 12th century, the military Order of the Knights Templar built the round church by the Thames, this became known as the Temple Church.

After the abolition of the Order in 1312, lawyers then occupied the Temple site and buildings, they formed themselves into two societies, the Inner Temple and Middle Temple.

The 4 Inns of the Court, Gray’s Inn, Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn and the Inner Temple are enshrined in historic masonic culture. The names of the Inns themselves derive from the Knights Templar who had been in possession of the Temple site for over 150 years prior to the building first being occupied by lawyers.

Masonic influence is utilised widely in the legal profession to gain preferential treatment and the culture of the brotherhood conflicts precisely with the principle of natural justice and impartiality, as it does the constitutional oaths of office.

Freemasons support one another, that is a founding principle, the principle means that a freemason will get preferential treatment in a proceeding or business transaction over a non-freemason, creating a position of natural bias, favour over one’s opposition. Tools of the craft are used to communicate an illicit transaction during proceedings. has witnessed this first-hand in the High Court of Justice, the Crown Court and in magistrates proceedings.

The Bar has their own masonic lodges and, as with the Law Society, they are masonic strongholds. Gray’s Inn Lodge, (Number: 4938) is a Royal Arch Chapter of freemasons who regularly meet at Freemason’s Hall.

The Chancery Bar Lodge (Number: 2456) was established in 1892 and its membership are exclusively judges and barristers of the Chancery High Court of Justice in London, regularly meeting at Lincoln’s Inn Hall.

Right: Close up view of the eye of providence, or all-seeing eye of god that can be seen in some European churches. The Eye can also be seen in 1 US dollar bills. On the left: The symbol of freemasonry over a Talmudic book in Hebrew

Freemasonry originated the legal profession in England and today its practices run throughout its core.

Royal Arch freemasonry is, effectually, the practice of ancient Talmudic law, which also encourages pedophilia, in violating “Gentile” / “Goyim”. What was are saying is that there is a definitive link between the financial penalisation of non Jews and non- freemasons in the courts and satanic ritual abuse pedophilia.

“A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated”

Talmud: Aboda Shara, 37a.

Each Inn has an array of social opulence, libraries, dining halls and the historic places of prayer and the Inns are owned by their Honourable Society, governed by senior members of the Inn, the freemason barristers and judges, known as Benchers. The Benchers decide who will be called to the Bar and who won’t.

The Law Ministers interfere with the courts and police, and decide who will be prosecuted and who won’t, that is how the system works.

In our previous article, we elaborated on the position, explaining that “hoodwinking” “Goy”, Goim” or Goyim” (non-Jews / non freemasons) is at the heart of the cult of Royal Arch freemasonry. It’s all about depriving non-believers of their possessions, which is what the courts in the UK are designed to do. This is a culture embedded in the Tory establishment, they are fleecing the people of their rights and possessions, whilst they enrich themselves and their affiliates, often at the expense of the taxpayer.

Prominent members of the Royal Arch cult are Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, and the “Right Worshipful Master” Michael Gove, a substantial number of Tory MPs and members of Privy Council.

Colluding freemasons: Left Michael Gove MP and right: Jacob Rees-Mogg, President of the Privy Council and Leader of the House of Commons

Is it a coincidence that all the judges who are being promoted to the most senior positions by fellow Jewish freemasons are all Jewish freemasons?

“Inasmuch as a non-Jewish child at
three years and a day is suitable for copulation, her raper is only unclean
until the evening, when he is clean again after taking a dip in the water.”

Talmud: Choschen Ha’mischpat

“The meaning of the history of the last century is that today 300
Jewish financiers, all Masters of Lodges, rule the world.”

Jean Izoulet: TheJewish Alliance Israelite Universelle l931.

Harry Bidney and David Calderhead, leaders of the Zionist “Jewish Defence” group, with a Jewish only membership known as the “62 Group”, who during the 1960s and early ‘70s, were convicted at the Old Bailey on 5th August 1977 for running what the trial judge called “a disgusting and disgraceful vice ring

Bidney, a Soho night club manager, was assisted, day-to-day, by hardman enforcer, Paul Nathan, who was known for his bad temper and hardman image. Their group had been touring the Soho amusement arcades picking up very young runaway boys for sexual purposes.

The Heads of State, the Law Ministers and Lord Chief Justice are Zionist freemasons

Today’s UK’s justice system is controlled by Robert James Buckland QC MP and Ian Burnett of Maldon (Lord Chief Justice), with Michael Ellis QC and Lucy Fraser QC MP (Jewish Zionists and Royal Arch Freemasons). Priti Patel, a known supporter of the Land of Israel, runs the police. What could possibly go wrong, we ask?

Freemasonry and the law in the UK. "No one is above the law".
A vile kleptocracy: Lucy Fraser QC MP (left), Michael Ellis QC MP (centre) and Robert Buckland QC MP (right)

The analogy allegedly cited by President Putin that the UK and the West is controlled by satanic pedophiles, may not be altogether wrong at all, but what is true, is that England and Wales are governed by colluding Zionist freemasons.

On 21st March 2021, Michael Ellis QC MP was sworn-in as Attorney General whilst Lucy Frazer QC MP is sworn-in as Solicitor General.

The Lord Chancellor, Robert Buckland QC MP, and the Lord Chief Justice, the Lord Burnett of Maldon, spoke at the ceremony to welcome the Law Officers into their new roles.

Law Officers hold a historic and important role in our democracy – ensuring governments act lawfully, while overseeing the vital work of our prosecuting authorities. As a former Law Officer myself, I well appreciate their vital work.

I have no doubt that the new Attorney General and Solicitor General will bring the energy, diligence and independence these positions require, and I look forward to working with them as we continue to build back confidence in the justice system.

Robert Buckland QC MP – Royal Arch Freemason and Lord Chancellor

“Even the best of the Goyim should be killed”

Talmud – Abhodah Zarah

It is not cronyism, it is corruption

The lodges and the Inns of Court are breeding grounds for elaborate, secretive active cover up schemes of collusion and deceit. The victims are those who seek justice against any wrongdoing inflicted upon them by the State, any government body, corporation or any Tory affiliate or fellow member of the fraternity.

The culture of systemic corruption and shared expectations runs deep throughout the legal profession, advocated by it’s leadership, the most senior judges, the Law Ministers, the Crown and the Royal Family. It is not cronyism, it is corruption.

It’s a case of “justice subject to status”, not what you know, not how good your case is, nor the law, but it’s all about who you are affiliated with.

There is no judicial independence – That is the truth and reality

The spiel from the HMCTS website itself harks on about the importance of judicial independence, citing that;

“It is vitally important in a democracy that individual judges and the judiciary as a whole are impartial and independent of all external pressures and of each other so that those who appear before them and the wider public can have confidence that their cases will be decided fairly and in accordance with the law. When carrying out their judicial function they must be free of any improper influence. Such influence could come from any number of sources. It could arise from improper pressure by the executive or the legislature, by individual litigants, particular pressure groups, the media, self-interest or other judges, in particular more senior judges”.

Once again, the hypocrisy is astounding. The writer must surely have known that the heads of the justice system are colluding freemasons, and so is the Lord Chancellor himself.

Active police cover ups, corrupt commissioners and commanders

On 12th August 2021, when questioned about the allegations of sexual assault by Prince Andrew, Dame Cressida Dick, England’s most senior police officer recited the doctrine that “no one is above the law“. The hypocrisy of this establishment is outrageous.

No one is above the law - Cressida Dick. Freemasons and law in the UK.
Left: The UK’s most senior police officer – Dame Cressida Dick of Met Police and right, protestors at a “Kill the Bill” protest on 17th April 2021

Dick herself has been involved in a number of active, high profile cover ups, from the official report into the Daniel Morgan murder, which accused her personally of obstructing its work, through to her role in Operation Midland, the mooted investigation into a VIP paedophile ring that falsely suspected prominent individuals.

Then we have the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, an innocent man shot dead at Stockwell tube station in July 2005 in an operation commanded by Dick who, mistook him for a suicide bomber. In 2017 a letter from the de Menezes family citing that “Dick could not be trusted to ensure that no police officer acts with impunity”.

The Daniel Morgan investigation panel branded the Met as “institutionally corrupt”, finding that Scotland Yard had been more interested in protecting its reputation than in cracking what is the “most investigated unsolved murder in the history of the Metropolitan Police”. Once again, a finding that Dick denies.

At the end of July this year, Dick was was secretly cleared by police watchdog over comments she made to cover up the stop and search of the Team GB athlete, Bianca Williams.

On 3rd August this year, fresh active cover up claims came to light that Dick was covering up a misconduct hearing into the murder killer PC Wayne Couzens, who killed Sarah Everard earlier this year. Police misconduct proceedings are to be held in open courts, however, the Couzen’s case was concealed and no information was released until after the case had been heard, ensuring press were kept in the dark.

It was found that sections of a report detailing AC Ball’s decision were redacted from the hearing’s published outcome and whilst “aggravating factors” relating to Couzen’s offending was also removed.

Reclaim These Streets, the organiser of the vigil for Sarah Everard claimed that a “culture of cover-up” has persisted and that “Cressida Dick and the Met Police fail to be accountable to the people they are supposed to be keeping safe”.

Dick herself abuses her powers to ensure that she is above the law and she is certainly not alone.’s investigation into City of London Police reveals a shocking culture of cover ups and over the coming weeks, we are releasing our findings.

City of London Corporation and the freemasonry cult

It is true that the City of London Corporation is, itself governed by freemasons and City of London police are the soldiers, there to protect the organisational structure, not the people, from being prosecuted.

Located in Great Queen Street, between Holborn and Covent Garden, Freemasons’ Hall is the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England and the Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of England, as well as being a meeting place for many Masonic Lodges in the London area.

Freemason's Hall, London. Freemasonry and law in the UK.  No one is above the law.
Freemason’s Hall – London

The economic crime capital of the world

The City of London itself, the economic crime capital of the world, is enshrined in freemasonry, and the picture itself tells a thousand tales. Freemason’s Hall has been a Masonic meeting place since 1775, with 26 masonic temples (formal lodge meeting rooms) within the building, the Hall itself is an epicenter of collusion, conspiracy and deceit.

We go back to the baseline of this article, “no one is above the law”, the fact is, that in England, it is simply untrue, freemasons, judges, lawyers, public officials and the corrupt corporations they support are all, over and above the law, because the leadership are freemasons, Zionists and colluding liars and cheats.

Of course, if the leadership lack integrity, which they most certainly all do, it follows everything they lead will nosedive southwards and that’s precisely what’s happened. They have taken the “Great” out of Britain.

Our team of international journalists working relentlessly to bring you the latest compelling, factually accurate news as it happens, as it should be told, not how the governments want it to be told.

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