UK corruption

UK Met Police corrupt and the government is more so

Met Police corruption. Cressida Dick corrupt. Met Police institutionally corrupt.  Complaints of corruption against Met Police.
The corrupt Met Police and Commissioner, Cressida Dick have a lot to answer for. Is it time to hold them to account?

Met Police corruption

All over the news in the UK this morning the headlines brand the Met Police “institutionally corrupt”, but again, the mainstream media come nowhere close to exposing the full extent. The entire UK establishment is institutionally corrupt. Met police corruption.

On 10th March 1987 37-year old Daniel Morgan, a successful private investigator of Southern Investigations, a south London based private detective agency was found murdered. The murder remains unsolved.

Mr Morgan was regularly employed to investigate for News of the World and on that evening, he was found in the car park of the Golden Lion pub in Sydenham, with an axe embedded in his head.

The headlines come as the Independent Panel set up to investigate the murder released their 1256-page independent report into the investigation, accusing the Force of placing concerns of its reputation above confronting issues of corruption, finding that Met Police had misled the public and Mr Morgan’s family, causing further pain, sense of injustice and suffering.

The report found that: “The Metropolitan police’s culture of obfuscation and a lack of candour is unhealthy in any public service. Concealing or denying failings, for the sake of the organisation’s public image, is dishonesty on the part of the organisation for reputational benefit. In the panel’s view, this constitutes a form of institutional corruption.”

This kind of institutional corruption and cover up is endemic throughout all the UK’s police forces, courts, regulatory authorities, central government, ministers and the parliamentarians themselves. A culture of systemic corruption prevails.

A hearing of the Inquest into the death of Daniel Morgan took place over eight days, between 11 and 25 April 1988.

One witness, Kevin Lennon, a former bookkeeper at Southern Investigations, gave evidence that Jonathan Rees, Mr Morgan’s business partner had asked him if he knew anyone who could kill Daniel Morgan. He also confirmed that Jonathan Rees had told him in 1986 that Catford police officers would carry out the murder of Daniel Morgan, or arrange for it, and that it would take place within the jurisdiction of Catford Police Station. He also said that DS Sidney Fillery was quite aware that Daniel Morgan was going to be killed, and that Jonathan Rees had told him that DS Fillery would retire from the police on the grounds of ill health and would replace Daniel Morgan at Southern Investigations.

Despite this the Coroner said, inaccurately, that he had heard no evidence whatsoever to point to any police involvement in the murder, and that no stone had been left unturned during the investigation. This statement was quoted by the Metropolitan Police for many years when resisting pressure for a public accounting of the failures in the investigation, and to rebut allegations about the role of police corruption.

The Panel found that Dick herself had been naming hampering efforts to find the truth in the investigation. It’s not the fist time that Dick has been mired in scandals and cover ups. The corrupt Police commander Ali Dizaei who was ratified by Dick and other top Met inspectors, the murder of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common and the botched the Westminster sex abuse investigation.

Earlier this year, speaking of the Carl Beech pedophile enquiry, ex Tory MP, Harvey Proctor said “it could not be clearer that Dame Cressida lied through her teeth. She should resign. “There is something rotten at the heart of the Metropolitan Police and the only way to weed it out is with a full public inquiry”.

In March 2011 after the acquittal of those accused in connection with the murder, the Met Police publicly acknowledged “the repeated failure of the Metropolitan Police to confront the role played by police corruption in protecting those responsible for the murder from being brought to justice”

However, within hours of the report being released, the Met rejected it’s key findings, and dismissed the Morgan family’s call for Dick to resign. A complete contradiction of their own previous admissions.

Assistant Met Police Commissioner Nick Ephgrave said that Dick “didn’t have any need to consider her position“. but yet went on to say “corruption on behalf of a number of officers in the early stages of the inquiry hampered the investigation”, going on to deny the finding of “institutionalised corruption” stating and said he did “not see evidence that supports that assertion”.

First for News has seen first hand evidence of Dick and others in the Commissioners Private Office deliberately turning a blind eye to cover up fraud and other offences. Met Police also failed to investigate the suspicious death of Scot Young, who was found impaled on the railings outside his rented £3 million Marylebone penthouse. It just so happened that the CCTV over the murder scene were switched off on the evening of Mr Young’s death and during the inquest, police sought to cite there was no suspicious circumstances.

Are the corrupt police acting as accessories to murder for the corrupt establishment we ask?

In March 2021, Johnson, the proven liar and UK Prime Minister sought to endorse the aptly named Cressida Dick”, Commissioner for the Met Police.

I have full confidence in Cressida Dick as Metropolitan Police Commissioner“, said Johnson, who went on to add that “people have got to have confidence in the police”.

The courts are places of fraud, injustice, lawlessness and gross human rights abuse, politically controlled by the tyranny of central government. The police are utterly corrupt the regulators fail to regulate.

The reality is that the police do nothing to earn the public’s confidence, neither does the government.

First for News brings a full investigation into conduct of the Met Police over the coming weeks where we will expose our own findings over a two-year investigation into malfeasance by the Force and City of London.

Our team of international journalists working relentlessly to bring you the latest compelling, factually accurate news as it happens, as it should be told, not how the governments want it to be told.

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