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Advertising with First for News

Our digital information network reaches hundreds of thousands of quality readers each month from across the globe. First for News

Our philosophy is that it’s not about quantity, but the quality and the content. We don’t want a website full of banner advertising, what we want is a few sponsors who recognize the long term value in the relationship with us.

In return, we offer our sponsors maximum exposure, advertorial, premium banner space, exclusive newsletter sponsorship and advertising tailored to content synergized with your target audience.

We offer bespoke sponsorship campaigns to deliver maximum performance, combining online banner and link exposure with email marketing and and giveaway promotions to our database of over 200,000 avid news and sports fans.

Content syndication produces its own proprietary content and we have ambitious plans to roll out our content syndication services enabling website owners to cost efficiently add compelling news and sports content to retain traffic.

Our content syndication services will be available from December 2021 onwards.

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