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Cleveland Police “meddling” in investigation and tipping off suspect

Bev Gill, Cleveland Police, misconduct allegations Bev Gill Cleveland Police
Beverley Gill, former head of the Cleveland Police failed Professional Standards Department

Cleveland Police, the most corrupt force in the history of the UK makes the headlines again for acts of corruption, this time with Superintendent Beverly Gill effectually perverting the course of justice, tipping off one of their own who was subject of investigation. Cleveland Police corruption.

The allegations were founded after complaints of sexual harassment were made against, Detective Inspector Simon Hurwood, a friend of Gill. Cleveland Police corruption.

In typical common purpose style, the Independent Office for Police Conduct investigated the complaint, but found Gill guilty only of professional misconduct, rather than of the indictable only offence she committed in perverting the course of justice. Another case of the UK’s regulators failing to regulate.

The misconduct hearing took place in the grounds of the corrupt Middlesbrough Football Club that the force covered for back in 2017 after concealing multiple frauds committed by the Club. Cleveland Police corruption.

The allegations arose from the incident in 2016 when she was head of the Cleveland Police Professional Standards Department, another part of the force mired in scandals.

In January 2017, following leadership by Gill, Iain Spittal, the then Chief Constable of the force, announced that the Professional Standards Department was to be disbanded after the court ruled that Cleveland Police acted unlawfully by abusing their investigatory powers to snoop on the phones of Northern Echo journalists after a series of leaks exposed corruption in the force.

In 2019 Cleveland Police was placed under special measures, becoming the first force in the UK to be rated as failing in all areas. The true extent of corruption within the force however, remains largely concealed.

The special measures action came after the force was branded “clueless” and “putting the public at risk“, forcing the Chief Constable, Richard Lewis to admit that the force was “letting people down”.

Results of the Inspectorate of the Constabulary’s report earlier this year reported “limited improvement“, with “less than half” of the force’s investigations being classified as a good overall standard. Inspectors noted more significant failings in complex cases, in particular those involving vulnerable adults and children.

The story is replicated across the country, with police forces failing in their duty to protect the public from crime whilst, fraud, representing a third of all crime in the UK is normalised, paving way for a culture of corruption, advocating endemic economic crime. The UK’s forces don’t investigate fraud, they send any allegation of fraud to Action Fraud, who fail to investigate 9 out of 10 reports.

Last week, we reported on how the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson described his health secretary as “totally fxxking hopeless”, whilst retaining him in office during the height of what is the most serious health crisis for a century.

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  1. Every time Cleveland police get investigated all the way back to operation lancet in 98 there is a coverup of the more serious crimes by the police the crown prosecution service and the judges as well who have been part of Cleveland police corruption as fare back as I can remember.

    The law states that justice must be seen to be done, but it is rarely done as only the tip of the iceberg of Cleveland police corruption is ever uncovered.

    I know of several high up Cleveland police officers who have engaged in illegal warrants, planting evidence. illegal phone tapping and surveillance to say the least still working at Cleveland police and promoted several times over the last 20 years and have been missed by the many investigations. The police engage in all of the above including drugs for evidence drug dealer protection for informing on the smaller drug seller. Most people in Cleveland are afraid of Cleveland police. If I name names then I am in danger as the targeting of witnesses against police officers with a rank or specialty would be likely and it come at you by the beat officers just dropping by with advice or by a feared drug dealers addicts.
    Be safe by under reporting or turning a blind eye.

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