World News
El Salvadorians can now use bitcoin as currency as the country becomes the first worldwide to make the crypto currency legal tender after politicians approved President Nayib Bukele’s proposal to utilise the currency, with the news leading to another increase of 6% overnight. Political advisors, lawmakers and regulators across the globe have voiced concern that […]Continue Reading
Covid-19 World News
Over 115 staff at Houston Methodist Hospital launched the action claiming that mandatory vaccinations violate the Nuremberg Code, human rights legislation developed in response to Nazi concentration camp victims, claiming the vaccination mandate violates World War II ethics codes designed to prevent medical experimentation on human subjects. The hospital will be the first Continue Reading
Video World News
For Guillermo Nieto, a Mexican businessman who grew up smoking pot, the cannabis greenhouse on his family’s vast farmlands is part of a bigger dream. One that involves deep-pocketed pharmaceutical companies. Nieto and several Mexican businessmen have spent years positioning themselves for a time when the country opens up what could become the world’s biggest […]Continue Reading
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