UK corruption World News reports on how the UK political establishment and their cronies make themselves, and their affiliates, above the law. Our investigation reveals shocking collusion driven by freemasonry and pathologically corrupt and dishonest heads of State, police and judges who are also freemasons. “No-one, not even the king, is above the law”, a doctrine that dates Continue Reading
UK corruption
Cleveland Police, the most corrupt force in the history of the UK makes the headlines again for acts of corruption, this time with Superintendent Beverly Gill effectually perverting the course of justice, tipping off one of their own who was subject of investigation. Cleveland Police corruption. The allegations were founded after complaints of sexual harassment […]Continue Reading
Economic crime reports on the UK’s corruption of the UK justice system through political interference. Lawyers and the judiciary have become a law unto themselves, they are self-regulated and the administration of justice lacks independence. The improper or corrupted administration of justice ruins people’s lives. Civilians are losing their children, homes, Continue Reading
UK corruption
Exclusive Investigation – Another cover up by the politically controlled UK judiciary aiding & abetting fraud Best known for his “Order Order” website, Paul Staines, AKA “Guido Fawkes”, the right-wing political critic, former “Acid House PR guy” voted number 36 in the “Top 50 newsmakers of 2006″ in The Independent, for his blogging website and his role in Continue Reading
Economic crime
Insolvency is a license to defraud – Circa £4 billion in assets that just “disappeared” without a trace in the hands of Grant Thornton trustees David Ingram and Richard Hicken who were entrusted to act as fiduciary trustees in bankruptcy of the vast estate of Scot Young. Intelligence UK was commissioned over three-years to investigate […]Continue Reading
Johnny Depp's trial investigation
Exclusive investigation – Part 2 of our independent review into the Johnny Depp libel trial In our first article we concisely addressed the background to the case and the main allegations levelled against Johnny Depp (“JD”) by Amber Heard (“AH”), which gave rise to the defamatory allegation, wherein The Sun branded JD a “wife beater”, founding JD’s […]Continue Reading
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