UK corruption World News reports on how the UK political establishment and their cronies make themselves, and their affiliates, above the law. Our investigation reveals shocking collusion driven by freemasonry and pathologically corrupt and dishonest heads of State, police and judges who are also freemasons. “No-one, not even the king, is above the law”, a doctrine that dates Continue Reading
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Extreme body transformations Michel Faro do Prado, from São Paulo, Brazil, is known as Diabao Praddo on social media, has over 60,000 followers observing as he transforms himself into a “Human Satan”, with four horns on either side of his head and a number of implants under the skin of his forehead. Extreme body transformations. […]Continue Reading
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For Guillermo Nieto, a Mexican businessman who grew up smoking pot, the cannabis greenhouse on his family’s vast farmlands is part of a bigger dream. One that involves deep-pocketed pharmaceutical companies. Nieto and several Mexican businessmen have spent years positioning themselves for a time when the country opens up what could become the world’s biggest […]Continue Reading
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