Free and unbiased news is an essential element of any democracy. Without reporting on what’s really going on, the people are in the dark. First for News. delivers the latest independent news, investigatory reports and special features.

With wide ranging breaking headlines, sports, business, corruption, politics and world news, we bring the people compelling and professionally written news and features, reporting on the things that really matter.

There is a cure for corruption and that is transparency, originated for that very reason.

First for News - Investigatory journalism
First for News investigatory journalism – Independent news and features free from corporate or political influence

Freedom of the press is vastly compromised, so our unique selling point is on delivering the highest quality investigatory journalism with a section exclusively focused on exposing wrongdoings by the establishments, including judicial and political corruption.

We get inside the courts and behind what is really going on, holding the unaccountable to account and advocating the principles of open justice and democracy, allowing the people to scrutinise governance’s decision making.


Investigatory journalism is what we do, delivering liberated unbiased news and features dedicated to exposing corruption and political issues as they unfold. reports on the cases that have been covered up by the establishment, getting to the nitty gritty as to why and what has gone wrong, combining a unique mix of legal, investigatory and journalistic talent.

To provide quality journalism and news, one must be absolutely independent of any political party. We most certainly are, airing on the side of anti-establishment by preference.

It is our view that there is rot on all sides of the political fence, we advocate the need for change and the need to expose the truth and what’s really going on. The media and journalists owe that duty to the public generally, a duty that we, as a group, strongly endorse. This philosophy is advocated across First for News platforms, we are truly non-partisan and we retain the international right to freely report on issues as they unfold without fear or bias.

No one single journalist produces our articles, rather, all our articles are produced collectively by our news team with input from several leading journalists casting an eye over everything we produce, each having input on the content to ensure that what we deliver falls in line with our objectives and independent standards.

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First for News - Investigatory Journalism

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